The Great Barrier Reefs along the coast of Belize were declared by Jacques Cousteau to be the best dive site in the world, second only to the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia.


These reefs extend over 300 km from Placencia in the South, all the way North to Cozumel, Mexico, which was one of the favored Spanish sailing routes between their melt works for gold and silver in Panama, to their assembly point in Havana, before being escorted in large fleets across the ocean by Spanish war-ships.


Britain, the Netherlands and France, all hostile to Spain, hired pirates to plunder Spanish galleons in the Caribbean Sea. These pirates, called privateers, also joined forces with local raiders from Jamaica, British Honduras (Belize), Tortuga and Hispaniola in the Caribbean, who were known as buccaneers.


This combination of hostile forces led to the sinking of more than 1,000 Spanish galleons and merchant ships during three centuries of Spanish colonial rule.


The sinking of so many Spanish ships left vast sums of treasure lying on the seabed, with some archaeologists estimating the total value of such wrecks to be worth tens of billions of dollars today.


In Belize, the natives would rush out to any ship in distress and beat to death any survivors in order to prevent their being forced to recover any cargo on board, often at great loss of life in the volatile and dangerous waters where most ships would flounder on the poorly charted barrier reefs.


This means there are any number of undocumented ship wrecks lying along these reefs, which we now intend to explore, and which you are invited to be part of, with an equal share in any spoils that may be recovered!


NO NEED FOR DIVER CERTIFICATION: Much of our search takes place with metal detectors in shallow water, which does not require a divers’ license, meaning anyone can participate, and who hasn’t dreamed at some point in time of discovering hidden treasure?


We can now offer All Inclusive occupancy at Beke Hotel in Mahahual, Mexico, where certified divers are assigned sites found at greater depths, while waders and snorkelers are assigned the shallower sites, meaning everyone has an essential role in this exciting adventure.


We have our own vessels that follow a grid pattern along the reefs with an acoustic sonar which renders 3-D images of everything buried up to 10 meters below the seafloor, which we examine each day after dinner to determine the sites deserving of more intensive exploration on the following day, where certified divers are assigned the sites found at greater depths, while waders are assigned the shallower sites, meaning everyone has an essential role in this exciting adventure.


ALL-INCLUSIVE $2,500 PER WEEK  includes hotel, food and drink, plus daily outings to Chinchorro Reef with experienced divers, where dive tanks, metal detectors, snorkel ect. are provided. Sea Trek helmets must be ordered separate with Mahahual Dive Center.


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